The two runners-up for The Cheltenham Prize were Pam Turner of Newent with her story TWO-WAY TRAFFIC and Christine Griffin with ON A CLEAR DAY.  Both receive £15 book tokens from the  Suffolk Anthology bookshop. Congratulations!

Both stories are published as pages on this site.


_mg_2398The awards for The  Cheltenham Prize were presented at the Suffolk Anthology bookshop in Cheltenham last Sunday (9th October).  Kim Fleet presented the cash prizes and Helene Hewett presented the book tokens for the runners-up.

You will find the judge’s report on the appropriate page on this blog, followed by my report as organiser.  The judge’s report doesn’t name the prizewinners as the entries were judged anonymously, but as you can see from my previous post the overall winner was Robert Smith of Glagow and the best entry from a GL  postcode was Belinda Rimmer of  Bishops Cleeve.  Pam Turner and  Christine Griffin were the runners-up.

Robert’s entry, The Quality of Mercy, and Belinda’s entry Banksy each have a page to themselves and although the runners up didn’t get a chance to read at the Awards their entries, Two-way Street (Pam Turner) and on A Clear Day (Christine Griffin) are also published here.




_mg_2403Yesterday afternoon we held the Awards for our Cheltenham Prize and the winners are:

Overall winner:  Robert Smith of Glasgow with his story ‘The Quality of Mercy’

Best entry  from a GL postcode: Belinda Rimmer of Bishops Cleeve with ‘Banksy’.

The two runners up were Pam Turner of Newent with ‘Two Way Traffic’ and Christine Griffin of Gloucester with ‘On a Clear Day’.

The full  report on our Awards, hopefully with photos, will be published later this week together with the Judge’s report and my report as organiser.

Congratulations  to the  winners and thanks to all our competitors.




Yes it’s happening!  The Cheltenham Prize awards will be presented here in Cheltenham on the first Sunday of the  Festival of Literature, that is Sunday 9 October at 4 p.m. at The Suffolk Anthology, Cheltenham’s independent bookshop at 17 Suffolk Parade.  Suffolk Parade is just off Suffolk Square just south of the town centre and the bookshop is next  to the Festival ticket  office.

The cash prizes (£100 for the overall winner and £50 for the  best entry from a GL postcode) will be presented by local author Kim Fleet (see and the book tokens for the runners-up will be presented by  the bookshop proprietor, Helene Hewett.

There will  be readings from the winning entries, either in person or by myself or a fellow  member of Cheltenham Writers’ Circle and I will deliver the Judge’s Report – which is quite short but very complimentary to all the entrants.  Tea and cake will be available and all  are welcome without charge.  The  event should be over  by 5 p.m., leaving you time to fit in another  event at the Festival.

The prizewinners will be announced shortly and after they have been notified individually the names will be published on this site along  with the judge’s report.IMG_1070




The Cheltenham Prize competition for 2016 is now closed.  Now it is all up  to the  judge.

We have had 77 entries to the competition, which is highly creditable for a competition in its first year,  Our blog has so far  had nearly 2000 views, the great majority obviously from the UK but with a significant interest from the United States and views fro 22 other countries.

The winners will be announced in September and the awards will be made at an event which Cheltenham Writers’ Circle will be organising to take place during the Cheltenham Festival of Literature in October.  All  entrants will be  invited and we hope that the GL prizewinners will be able to attend to receive their prizes in person.



Cheltenham racesThey never shift the finishing post at Cheltenham Racecourse but Cheltenham Writers’ Circle have shifted the deadline for the Cheltenham literary prize.  Last night they agreed  to allow entries until the end of June.  We know there are stories out there – they’ve been promised – so polish them up and  send them in.  The addresses for email and postal entries are on the page titled COMPETITION RULES.

Publish and be Damned

images (1)

At a recent meeting of Cheltenham Writers’ Circle one of our members pointed out that the rules for the Cheltenham Prize did not contain the usual prohibition on  previously published work or work that had won other prizes.  I have accordingly added a clause in the rules to that effect.

But what is ‘publication’?  Obviously any commercial publication, including self-publication, is covered in this  exclusion, whether in print or electronically.  It is not, however, our intention to exclude stories that have appeared on personal blogs or that have been printed in anthologies produced by writers’ groups, for which the authors have not received any payment .  As for competitions, don’t worry if you have won the prize in a closed competition for your local group.  The competitions we have in mind are those similar to The Cheltenham Prize, open competitions or competitions open to large groups (such as the National Association of Writers’ Groups or The Historical Novel Society) with prizes of significant value.

I hope that clarifies things, but if you have any queries email


The Suffolk Anthology is Cheltenham’s newest bookSuffolk Anthology IIshop, set up last year by Helene Hewitt.  It is called the Suffolk Anthology because it is an area of the town called ‘The Suffolks’, centering around Suffolk Square, a beautiful regency square which was built in part to house wealthy pensioners from the East India Company.  It has been called ‘the Notting Hill of Cheltenham’ because of its profusion of antique shops and small restuarants.

Helene Hewitt writes:

The Suffolk Anthology is an Independent Book shop which I opened February 2015. As an ex-GP I had limited experience as a bookseller but a great love for books and sharing this with people of all ages. The shop stocks a wide and eclectic  range of books with a particular interest in fiction, adult and children, poetry and history.

We also have a wide ranging programme of events including The Suffolk Seminars, book launches, writing workshops, and local author events. As a result we have got to know many local writers and poets, published and unpublished, and now host a monthly meeting of the Association of Independent Authors . We are very pleased to be associated with The Cheltenham Prize.

Suffolk AnthologyIMG_2046IMG_2034


SSS stands for Stroud Short Stories.  This is a twice yearly short story competition for Gloucestershire writers.  In addition to the cash prizes the winners read their stories at a special event in Stroud.

SSS has kindly agreed to bring the Cheltenham Prize to the attention of the people on their extensive  mailing list.  In return we invite our readers to visit

Stroud is a pleasant market town south of Gloucester whose Museum in the Park houses the world’s oldest lawnmower, which was invented here in 1830.Stroud lawnmower