Our Judge for 2016

2 Helen Medium

Our judge for the first Cheltenham Prize is Helen Hollick, author of several well-received historical novels and a vigorous promoter of ‘indie’ authors.  She will be reading all the entries – there will be no sifting by myself or others in our Writers’ Circle.  Her choices will be ‘blind’ as she will only be sent the entries each with a unique number, which I will allocate before sending it on.

Helen lives on a thirteen-acre farm in Devon. Born in London, She wrote pony stories as a teenager, moved to science-fiction and fantasy, and then discovered historical fiction. Published for over twenty years with her Arthurian Trilogy and her 1066 era books, she became a ‘USA Today’ bestseller with Forever Queen. She also writes the Sea Witch Voyages, pirate-based fantasy adventures.

As a promoter of Indie Authors she is Managing Editor for the Historical Novel Society Indie Reviews, and inaugurated the HNS Indie Award.

For a fuller account see the page she has contributed at https://cheltprize.wordpress.com/meet-our-judge

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