Publish and be Damned

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At a recent meeting of Cheltenham Writers’ Circle one of our members pointed out that the rules for the Cheltenham Prize did not contain the usual prohibition on  previously published work or work that had won other prizes.  I have accordingly added a clause in the rules to that effect.

But what is ‘publication’?  Obviously any commercial publication, including self-publication, is covered in this  exclusion, whether in print or electronically.  It is not, however, our intention to exclude stories that have appeared on personal blogs or that have been printed in anthologies produced by writers’ groups, for which the authors have not received any payment .  As for competitions, don’t worry if you have won the prize in a closed competition for your local group.  The competitions we have in mind are those similar to The Cheltenham Prize, open competitions or competitions open to large groups (such as the National Association of Writers’ Groups or The Historical Novel Society) with prizes of significant value.

I hope that clarifies things, but if you have any queries email

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