Yes it’s happening!  The Cheltenham Prize awards will be presented here in Cheltenham on the first Sunday of the  Festival of Literature, that is Sunday 9 October at 4 p.m. at The Suffolk Anthology, Cheltenham’s independent bookshop at 17 Suffolk Parade.  Suffolk Parade is just off Suffolk Square just south of the town centre and the bookshop is next  to the Festival ticket  office.

The cash prizes (£100 for the overall winner and £50 for the  best entry from a GL postcode) will be presented by local author Kim Fleet (see and the book tokens for the runners-up will be presented by  the bookshop proprietor, Helene Hewett.

There will  be readings from the winning entries, either in person or by myself or a fellow  member of Cheltenham Writers’ Circle and I will deliver the Judge’s Report – which is quite short but very complimentary to all the entrants.  Tea and cake will be available and all  are welcome without charge.  The  event should be over  by 5 p.m., leaving you time to fit in another  event at the Festival.

The prizewinners will be announced shortly and after they have been notified individually the names will be published on this site along  with the judge’s report.IMG_1070



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